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The Jazz Chamber Sessions Vol. 01 – Antonio Vivaldi

In 2017, TM has started to deepen the cooperation with Petra Music (flute), Chien-Ching Kuo (violin) and Sigrid Narowetz (violoncello). Based on the recorder various ensemble programm created in 2014/15 by Wolfgang Radl, the sextett will focus on three famous flute concerts op 10: La tempesta di mare, La notte and Il gardellino.

The La Notte Concert as a joint project of Antonio Vivaldi, Wolfgang Radl and the Tuesday Microgrooves illuminates the work and presents it in a modern context. Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741) ist known as one of the most influential composers of his time. On the heyday of his career, he composed a collection of programmatic concert compositions, bringing him international fame. Next to his “4 Seasons”, he presents a collection of 6 concerts, arranged for several solo instruments. La notte. Tempesta di Mare and Il Gardelino are all part of this collection. Especially the arrangement for Baroque flute is historically striking. At 1708, Quantz visited Venice and met a couple of excellent oboists, but no flutists yet. Only with the arrival of the german Ignaz Sieber in 1728, Vivaldi had a maestro de la flauta traversiere at hand. The concerto „La notte“, composed in 1729 is a logical consequence of the new popularity of the instrument. This composition shows great respect for the virtuosity of the venetian musicians at the time and is prepared to move the concerto into the new millennium.

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