VERöFFENTLICHT: 21. Januar 2017
KüNSTLER: Tuesday Microgrooves
LABEL: office4music
PRODUZENT: tuesday microgrooves/Florian Richter
CATALOGUE NUMBER: 912004519623
Saying I love You in a Postrock Way

For the third official album tuesday microgrooves wanted to give an impression of the several musical paths the group had been followed since the release of „All the Things“ in 2014. With singer Lena Mentschel, the sound of the band goes more in a pop direction, combined with some re-arrangements of baroque composer Antonio Vivaldi. But on „Saying I Love You in a Postrock Way“ there’s still place for some R’n’B and Drum’n Bass – plus two songs are electronically enhanced by Veit Winkler.

These songs and pictures represent the different feelings in a relationship.
How would you connect the pictures and songs?
How would you connect this album with yourself?

It’s you who defines the lay out !
It’s you who defines the rules.

This album belongs to you,


Songs: Saying I Love You in a Postrock Way – Rachmaninov Is Dead – Old Friends – I Got Time – I Can’t – Sunset – Surprise Me – Thunderstorm – Tomorrow, I’ll meet you – Surprise Me (electronica) – Interlude – I Got Time (electronica)

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