From May 6th, we’ll start a Crowdfunding campaign on to raise some money for the production of our next album called „Saying I Love You in a Postrock Way! Go here!

We will update you regularly!

Update May 6: WE START NOW!!!!

And if you wanna listen to what we will record, just go here for some rough mix cuts!

Update May 11: We’ve reached the first 1000 Euro!

Thank you very very much for your support in the last days – and yes, there are still plenty of possibilities to support us on Startnext!

Update May 25: Second Half starts!

During the second half of our crowdfunding campaign we will introduce some goodies that are part of the gifts our supporters will get. Here’s a screenshot of the so called VIP – area, with tons of scores, audios, videos and other stuff we wanna share to our fans in the future. For supporting us, plz go here!

Update June 5: We topped 2.000 EURO!

And now the endspurt starts! 7 days left …

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