10 YEARS ago we had our first live gig. Time flies … Unfortunately, there is no video material, but we

28. Februar 2018
Advent Calendar 2017

Every year TM posts a daily Advent Calendar on its social media platforms. This year, it was all about friends

28. Dezember 2017
TM @ Taiwan – on/offstage

Last part of our foto collection made by Peter Purgar  – just friends on and offstage.

5. Dezember 2017
TM goes school

During their tour, tuesday microgrooves spent a day at Fuxing elementary and Datong elementary school talking about Austrian music. We

21. November 2017
TM Live at Taipei Jazz Festival

Recently, tm got the oppurtunity to perform at the Taipei Jazz Festival – a great honor, a wonderful event we

12. November 2017
Tuesday Minigrooves

The first pix of tuesday minigrooves, the world smallest cover band, is here! Produced by – check it here!

1. November 2017

During the Ambisonics Summer School tuesday microgrooves recorded two tracks „Saying I Love You in a Postrock Way“ and „Both

11. September 2017
Tuesday Microgrooves feat. Shawna Yang @ Grabher-Haus

Peter Purgar from Jazz im Bild did once again a wonderful job on that special night we spent with saxophone

7. September 2017
Studio Live Jam: SciFi Special

Tm spent a wonderful time at the Toniforum Graz and produced, together with the people from, a crosscast about

29. Juni 2017
Tm feat Jazz Chamber Music, Munich

Some private impressions of our journey to the biggest european flute festival in Munich. We were proud to present some

14. März 2017
CD Release Moxx Graz

wow … that was a wonderful evening …. thank u all for ur support!!! Pix by the wonderful Peter Purgar

21. Januar 2017
On the search for a poster ….

We couldn’t decide for the appropriate poster … So, what do you think? Just drop us a line!

1. Januar 2017
A trip to the past pages

Short before 2017 starts, we’re looking back to the old times of tm in www. Find some nice screenshots of

31. Dezember 2016
TM Duo China Short Tour

All Pix taken by our singer Lena Mentschel!

5. Dezember 2016
Live at the Taichung Jazz Festival

Check the Webpage of our wonderful Taiwanese photowizard Jackal Yu here!

24. Oktober 2016
Tawain Tour 2016 Lenas Album

During our recent Taiwan tour, our singer Lena Mentschel shot some wonderful private impressions using Retrica App.

6. Oktober 2016
Tm studio work in Germany and Austria

Pix by Wolfgang Radl, Ruei-Cheng Lin and Christofer Frank, studio c-60.

21. Januar 2016
TM Calendar 2016

The legendary TM calendar is back – highly limited with 11 pieces, sent from Vienna to NYC, from Taipei to

30. Dezember 2015
Advent Calendar 2015

As an old tradition, tm posts on its facebookpage every december a daily pic or a scoresheat. This year, all

26. Dezember 2015
Session 2015 with Tina Reiter

A hot summer day with photolady Tina Reiter

20. November 2015
TM live at Rhythm Alley Taipei feat. Tali Rubinstein and Jiro

TM spent a wonderful night at the Rhythm Alley, Taipei (R.O.C.). They were supported by Isrealian recorder sorceress Tali Rubinstein

18. November 2015
TM live at Tamkang Taipei feat. ISQ

TM’s manager for Asia, Evy Kao, introduced the trio plus singer Lena Mentschel to Taiwanese awarded Interstring Quartet (ISQ). They

18. November 2015
Calendar 2013 – 5 years of TM

Since 2009, TM has this highly limitated (11 copies!) special gift for special friends and business partners. These are the

17. November 2015
Shirt, Posters and weird stuff

Through the years, tm collect a bunch of flyers, posters and t-shirt of special concerts. And created their own energy

17. November 2015
TM vs. the Orchestra 2014

Pix from a “Tm vs. the Orchestra” concert feat. Lena Mentschel (Vocals), Robert Fischer (Conductor) and the Orchestra of the

17. November 2015
TM plays for Japan

After the Fukushima incident, tuesday microgrooves took part on a charity concert, the „concert for japan“, organized by the graz

17. November 2015
Vienna Video Shooting

Tms Video for the upcoming release (Autumn 2016) is shot and edited by Manuel Johns, Jürgen Hackl and Josef Philipp.

16. November 2015
TM live at Hsin-chu Concert hall

TM feat. Lena Mentschel had a very nice evening at the concert hall of Hsin-chu. Pics were shot by 余梓勤!

14. November 2015
Tm at studios 301

After winning the helix board contest (out of 800 projects), TM started to record their official debut album at the

14. November 2015

In 2013, tm started a cooperation with the well-known studio percussion graz, combining drum’n’bass jazz and burning mallets. During the

14. November 2015
Recorder Various Live (Austria)

Recorder Various live at Cafe Stockwerk, Graz, feat. Lena Tschinderle (Recorder) and Sigrid Narowetz (Violoncello). Pix shot by Peter Purgar.

14. November 2015

With the start in 2010, tm deepened the cooperation with the wonderful team from atmosphere4k, the first 4K Ultra High

14. November 2015
CD Presentation at the GMD

Finally, after a long production time, TM proudly performed their official debut CD „Spring Kisses Summer Rain“ at the GMD

14. November 2015
Recorder Various Live (Taiwan)

Pix from the concert at Hsin-Chu Townhall, feat. Meng-Heng Chen (Recorder) and Jiro Yeh (Violoncello). Pix shot by YAO.

14. November 2015
TM live at Mo.xx, Graz

On that special evening, the audience got 2 projects in one concert – set one was performed by tm’s „recorder

14. November 2015
Tm 2015 – black and white
14. November 2015
Tm vs. The Orchestra Debut

Pix from the first „Tm vs. the Orchestra“ concert feat. Lena Mentschel (Vocals), Chien-Chin Kuo (Solo Violin) and a bunch

13. November 2015
Tm live at the Composers Lounge

After reaching 2nd place (out of 150) at the austrian film music competition, tm performed some songs live to movies

13. November 2015
Last night at Peters Place

Peter Stodulkas project studio gave birth for many musical projects over the years and was a real hotspot for Austrians

13. November 2015
Live at Postgarage

Tm feat Farina Miss live at the fancy Postgarage!

13. November 2015
Tm’s special christmas gift

Since 2009, TM has this highly limitated (11 copies!) special gift for special friends and business partners. These are the

13. November 2015
2008/02/28 – the glorious Live Debut

On February 28th 2008, tm started its live journey at the cafe Stockwerk, Graz, feat. Farina Miss and Mareea Rerych

13. November 2015
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