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Saying I Love You in a Postrock Way

Year: 2017

Special Guests: Lena Mentschel, Sigrid Narowetz, step saturn
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Some cuts

All The Things

Year: 2015

Special Guests: Georg Gratzer
Some cuts

Spring Kisses Summer Rain

Year: 2011

Special Guests: Farina Miss
Some cuts

The Works 2008

Year: 2008

Special Guests: Farina Miss
Some cuts


TM have been doing some very special collaborations and projects since our journey started in 2008. Voilá – here they are: some of them burried in the past, waiting to be discovered again, others still continuing and blossoming.

The Minigrooves


Ever since Layerlab, Graz offered us to reproduce ourselves as 3D figures, the Minigrooves are basically joining us everywhere we’re going. They also will be hosting our upcoming crowdfunding video as well as they were the center piece of the “I Got Time“ video from our recent album. Check them out below!


Gallery 01 (Some shootings on the road)

Video 01 (I got Time official video)

With Lena Mentschel

2010 – 2018

Lena Mentschel was an essential part of our journey for almost 8 years. Together we worked on projects such as “TM and The Orchestra“, we filmed with Atmosphere Media, she joined us for 3 Taiwan Tours and wrote some beautiful songs for “Saying I Love You in a Postrock Way“. Check out some of the stuff we did together!


Gallery 01 (Session with Tina Reiter)

 Video 01 (I got Time official video), Video 02(Summer Rain at the GMD), Video 03 (Surprise Me live at Tamkang)

With Farina Miss

2008 – 2010

Farina Miss was one of the crew members at the very beginning of our journey. We share loads of memorable experiences and we are still in love with the songs from „The Works 2008“ and „Spring Kisses Summer Rain“ – find out more in the Media section!


Gallery 01 (The debut concert), Gallery 02 (Live at Postgarage), Gallery 03 (first time at studios 301)

Video 01 (First video ever), Video 02 (Working at Lang Academy), Video 03 (Antenne Steiermark)

The Taiwan Tours

2014 – 2017

4 years – 4 tours. The first tour in 2014 was featured by the „Recorder Various“ project, followed by a club tour in 2015 with Tali Rubinstein and the Interestring String Quartett. In 2016 we performed in front of 10.000 people at the Taichung Jazz Festival. In 2017 the Taipei Jazz Festival marked the end of our last trip to Asia so far. Join us on tour by checking out the Media section!


Gallery 01 (Recorder Various 2014), Gallery 02 (Hin-chu 2015), Gallery 03 (Taichung Jazz), Gallery 04 (Taipei Jazz Festival)

Video 01 (Recorder Various 2014), Video 02 (Tali Rubinstein), Video 03 (Taichung Jazz)

With Shawna Young

2016 – 2017

Shawna Yang is one of Taiwan’s finest Jazz musicians. This multitalented lady has plenty of live experience and it was a great honor to share the stage for shows in Austria and at the Taichung Jazz Festival. What a pleasure it was, check out the live video!


Gallery 01 (Live at Grabher Haus, AT)

Video 01 (Taichung Jazz Festival)

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With Tali Rubinstein


On the last night of our Taiwan Tour in 2015 we’ve invited American recorder player Tali Rubinstein and Taiwanese violoncello player Jiro Yeh for a really unique performance. Be part of what turned out to be an incredible evening by following the links below!


Gallery 01 (Concert at Rhythm Alley Taipei)

Video 01 (Inner Light performed at Rhythm Alley Taipei)

With Studio Percussion


In addition to the jazz and pop genres, TM’s music always uses some minimal music elements. Over the years, our own captain Wolfgang Radl has been focusing on the work of Steve Reich. It led the band to Studio Percussion, a well-known Austrian mallet ensemble and an unforgettable live performance at the famous Orpheum in Graz. Check it out!


Gallery 01 (Night of Percussion 2013)

Video 01 (I Got Time @ Night of Percussion), Video 02 (Rachmaninov is Dead @ Night of Percussion)

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With Orchestra

2012 and 2014

“What you see is what you get!“ We microgrooved some classical masterpieces such as Vivaldi’s “Summer“ and “Winter“ and performed them live as well as we did some rearranged pieces from “Spring Kisses Summer Rain“. With a full pit-orchestra. Pure joy – check it out below!


Gallery 01 (2012 at Fürstenfeld, AT), Gallery 02 (2014 at Graz, AT)

Video 01 (2 Years at Graz), Video 02 (project report 01), Video 03 (project report 02)

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Spe Salvi

2015 – 2018

We arranged and recorded the chamber music piece „Spe Salvi“ written by Austrian composer Gerhard Fuchs between 2015 and 2018. Appart from that, Gerhard supports us in raising sponsorships for upcoming projects.


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With Ulli Pallemanns

2008 – 2012

After winning the Helix Board competition out of 800 bands, our cooperation with Ulli Pallemanns started. We recorded our debut album „Spring Kisses Summer Rain“ with him as well as some DVDs for the German Recording Magazine. Unfortunately, the masterpiece „Waterdrops“ stayed unfinished – but partially lives on in songs of „Saying I Love You in a Postrock Way“. Check out the exciting footage from our colab!


Gallery 01 (Cologne 2008), Gallery 02 (Cologne 2012)

Video 01 (Mercy Street for recording magazine), Video 02 (Mercy Street final version)

With Atmosphere Media

2010 – 2012

Atmosphere Media is a pioneer project which developed the first 4K Ultra High Definition ambience and entertainment plattform for luxury hotels, cruise lines, casinos, bars, lounges, restaurants and spas. During our journey we have been recording several live sets for AM. A few of them can be found in the Media section and on YouTube!


Gallery 01 (Atmosphere live recording, 2012)

Video 01 (Enjoy the Silence, 2010), Video 02 (Cuts from Spring Kisses Summer Rain), Video 03 (A cut from „Waterdrops“, Vivaldis „Summer Part III“)

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Studio Live Jams

2016 – 2017

The concept of Studio Live Jams is quite as simple as challenging: a radio host and a band do 1 hour of nonstop live recording. No cuts, no overdubs, no second take. And the whole thing gets broadcasted via livestream and on the radio. Hosted by Vincent Ederle we did 2 live jams together with Toniforum Graz. Audio files can be found below!


Gallery 01 (SciFi special for „Aufnerden“ podcast, 2017)

Audio 01 (Live Jam 2016 „Tomorrow I’ll Meet You“), Audio 02 (Live Jam 2017, Imperial March from „Star Wars“), Audio 03 (Cantina Band from „Star Wars“)

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With Step Saturn

2010, 2012, 2016

Step Saturn is a composer and producer who is constantly exploring the spectrum of electronic music. We started to work together in 2010 but it somehow took us ages to release something together – check out what we did on „Saying I Love You in a Postrock Way“!


With Georg Gratzer


We have invited Georg Gratzer for one session with Atmosphere Media – he truly is the Godfather of reeds! From woodwinds to saxophones, from clarinets to didgeridoo, he masters all of those instruments. Check out the compositions we did together on the “All The Things“ record!


Video 01 (The Long Walk, 2011), Video 02 (The Ups and Downs, 2011), Video 03 (The Inner Light, 2011)

CD 01

With Peter Stodulka

2008 – 2011

It was at “Klavierpeter“ Stodulka’s project studio in late 2007 when the first TM songs were jammed and recorded. One of the tracks “Not Yet“ later on won the Helix Board Contest to set of our journey. The studio does not exist anymore but we gave it a warm hearted fare well performance in 2011. Check out the Media section for some pictures of that faithful night and of course, the first TM performance video ever!


Gallery 01 (Last night at Peters place)

Video 01 (What Are You Supposed To Do, first Tuesday Microgrooves video ever, shot there)

Jazz Chamber Music

2016 – 2017

With Petra Music (flute), Chien-Ching Kuo (violin) and Sigrid Narowetz (violoncello), we created a greater version of “Recorder Various“, focussing on Antonio Vivaldis solo concerts. That led us to the biggest European flute festival in Munich where we were able to present some brand new arrangements of Vivaldis “La Notte“. Check out this memorable evening in our Media section!


Gallery 01 (flute festival Munich)

Recorder Various Taiwan


“Recorder Various“ is a musical concept based on contrasting continents, musical styles, composers’ backgrounds and instruments. Taiwanese music manager Evy Kao and our own composer/bass player Wolfgang Radl masterminded this project where baroque and contemporary music was combined as well as basso continuo and drum ‘n’ bass and it all was played solo in both ways, the ancient tradition and modern jazz scales. Brighten up your musical background by checking out “The best of Tainan“ video in our Media section!


Gallery 01(Live at Hsin-Chu)

Video 01 (The best of Tainan)

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Recorder Various Austria

2014 – 2015

Once TM returned to Austria, we decided to further develop the concept of “Recorder Various“and were looking for local support. The project was joined by the wonderful artists Lena Tschinderle on the recorder and Sigrid Narowetz on the cello. The Austrian version of “Recorder Various” is currently focusing on the works of baroque composers, eg. Henry Purcell, G.F. Telemann and Antonio Vivaldi, to mix it up with organic drum’n’bass music. Check out the gallery from our gig at one of the most famous Jazz locations in Austria in our Media section!


Gallery 01(Live at Stockwerk)

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The Yearly Pirelli

2009 – ???

Since 2009, Tuesday Microgrooves has been offering this highly limitated (11 copies!) special gift for special friends and business partners. This is our answer to Pirelli. If you wanna get your own copy, write us a mail!


Gallery 01 (Calendar 2011), Gallery 02 (Calendar 2013), Gallery 03 (Calendar 2016)

With IEM and Ambisonics


During the Ambisonics Summer School School we were recording two tracks „Saying I Love You in a Postrock Way“ and „Both Sides“.


Gallery 01 (Recording at IEM Graz)

Video 01 (Both Sides) – check it with your mobile device and the youtube app for the 3D experience!

With Florian Richter

2008, 2011, 2012 and 2016

Florian Richter has been the assistant sound engineer at the 301 Studios, Cologne and was one of our go to guys for several productions. In 2016, he recorded our album „Saying I Love You in a Postrock Way“ as parts of it were used for a spatial audio sound project with the Fraunhofer Institute and Volkwagen. Take a look at the Media section to find out more about this exciting colab!


Gallery 01 (recording in Austria and Germany, 2016)

Video 01 (TV clip of the spatial sound system project)

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