Saying I Love You in a Postrock Way

With their third album studio production, „Saying I Love You in a Postrock Way“, tuesday microgrooves continues to follow the artistic path which they established in 2008. This encompasses the sound of a traditional jazz trio and the group (Wolfgang Radl, double bass – Jenö Lörincz, Piano – Norbert Wallner, drums), which is supported by singer Lena Mentschel, dedicate themselves to exploref crossover, classic, drum’n’bass, electronica and pop. Post rock is still not a part of it …

The songs all reflect individual aspects of interpersonal relationships. It’s about breaking up (Old Friends) and loss (Tomorrow, I’ll Meet You), about unexpected current times (Rachmaninov is Dead) and the impossibility of changing them (I can’t). Furthermore, tuesday microgrooves remain faithful to their classical music background. supported by four strings guided by outstanding cello player Sigrid Narowetz. On „Love You in a Postrock Way“, you can listen to new arrangements of Johann Sebastian Bach and Antonio Vivaldi. And those are the core pieces of the band, which has remained unchanged in 9 years. This reflects their commitment to grooving at the highest level. The last trhee pieces are electronically inhanced by Step Saturn – it’s not only a remix, it’s quite more …

A refreshing alternative to rapidly scrolling through pictures on a smartphone, the superficial thumb pics culture on smartphones  is provided by the physical version of tuesday microgrooves’ new album„is one of the most beautiful concepts I have ever seen“  (Ines Reiger, Ö1) and it offers the potential to create your own booklet while listening to baroque crossover (Sunset, Summer: Thunderstorm), impulsive pop (I Got Time) and electronica (Surprise Me Electronica).

„Saying I Love You in a Postrock Way“ provides a harmonious combination of different musical styles, which is based upon upon two fundamental concepts. On one hand, it provides a curiosity about musical expression. And on the other,– friendship.


Digital and physical release worldwide: Jan 20, 2017.

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The Design and Concept

These songs and pictures represent the different feelings in a relationship.
How would you connect the pictures and songs?
How would you connect this album with yourself?

It’s you who defines the lay out !
It’s you who defines the rules.

This album belongs to you,

The Music

Get an impression about what we did on „Saying I Love You in a Postrock Way“ (all cuts are mp3, 320 Kbits)

Some Movies

tm live at Taichung Jazz Festival

Tm performed some of the songs from „Saying I Love You in a Postrock Way“ in front of appr. 10.000 people at the Taichung Jazz Festival in Taiwan. You could watch to cuts from „I Got Time“, „I Can’t“ and „Tomorrow, I’ll Meet You“.

tm feat. Interestring Quartet, "Surprise Me"

With their friends from Taiwanese string quartet „ISQ“, tm performed several times „Surprise Me“ which take part two times on the album – one accoustic version with a great Austrian string quartet and one electronically enhanced version by Veit WInkler.

I Got Time – Official Video

Wolfgang Radl, double bass
Jenö Lörincz, piano
Norbert Wallner, drums
Lena Mentschel, vocals

Sigrid Narowetz, violoncello
Chien-Chin Kuo, violin
Klara Ronai, violin
Ruei-Cheng Yao Lin, viola

Step Saturn, electronics

Recorded by Florian Richter, mastered by Lenny Damann.

Video byJürgen Hackl, Manuel Johns, Josef Philipp and Markus Lubej. With a special thanks to Martin Ross. Make-up by Lisa Haugeneder.

Making of "Saying I Love You in a Postrock Way"

online: 02/2017

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