Old Bunch: „The Works 08“ plus „Session 07“ plus „Surprise Me, Taiwan“


Pay one – get two different albums!

“The Session ‘07”

was recorded between September and November 2007. TM was initially the project of composer and bass player Wolfgang Radl and hadn’t been fully defined. Norbert Wallner on drums and Jenö Lörincz on piano were chosen “just for a studio job”, but their huge creative input really enriched the concepts of the tracks “I Lost A Friend” or “Wishful Thinking” and a decision on the composition of the group was made at that stage. The trio worked with singers including Mareea Rerych and Susana Sawoff to do their initial recordings. This took place at Peter Stodulka’s project studio, which formed the first base of “unbreakable microgrooves”. That CD was never officially released – but the demo still exists and will be sent digitally to you.

I lost A Friend – Wishful Thinking (with Mareea Rerych) – We are Hasbeens (with Mareea Rerych) – 2 Years (with Susana Sawoff)
“The Works ’08”

was recorded during and after the preparation for the debut concert in February 2008. During spring 2008, Farina Miss was the lead vocalist and the track “Not Yet” was submitted to the German Helix Board Contest. After having won (out of 800 projects) tuesday microgrooves was invited to record at Studios 301, Cologne. Initially, the band planned to record 4-5 complete new tracks. But after their first studio session their cooperation with Ulli Pallemanns developed and they continued on to record a full album. “The Works ’08” is now an emotional souvenir rather than an official release – but in fact, it formed a key step in the band’s development.

Not Yet – Summer Rain – Strange Bedfellows – What Are You Supposed To Do? – When I Opened Pandoras Box

Note: As Bonus you will get the unrealesed special edition of „Surprise Me, Taiwan“ from 2015!

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