TM SCORES VOL 02 – Recorder Various


“Recorder various” currently focuses on the works of baroque composers, eg. Henry Purcell, G.F. Telemann and Antonio Vivaldi combining them with organic drum’n’bass music. If you wanna try by yourself, TM Scores Vol 02 is the right option to chose. All pieces are written for sopranino/alto-recorder, violoncello, piano, bass and drums. “La Notte” Suite is based on the famous recorder concert of the same name written by Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi. Bassist Wolfgang Radl arranged this piece as a three-part-suite, with altered metrum and while including jazz improvisation. “Conflicts and Contraries” is based on the “Concerto in G minor” by Georg Friedrich Telemann. This is a speedy ride between baroque virtuosity and dancefloor style!

Scores are delievered as pdf version (full score and parts), personally dedicated if requested.

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