TM Vs. The Orchestra

“TM vs. the Orchestra” is the combination of TM’s music with classical orchestral music which has been “microgrooved” by the band. Although they don’t have the opportunity to perform this project regularly, they still enjoy the big challenge as much as composer Wolfgang Radl likes to create tons of sheets for the biggest sideband you could imagine as jazz musician.

TM’s members about „TM vs. the Orchestra“

Wolfgang Radl (bass, arranger)

Tm vs. The Orchestra, that’s the vision of confronting two different universes. We have a jazz band that plays pop, minimal music and drum’n bass, and we have an orchestra that plays baroque, classical and romantic music – and together it sounds really big!

We have orchestral arrangements of our own songs and we can play these together with an orchestra of any city in any country. The conductor is our key point of contact. We arrive, reharse and then we play the concert. So we are a tour band with a backing orchestra. But we are equal partners and benefit artistically from each other. This is a big adventure for all of the participants.

Norbert Wallner (drums)

In Vivaldi’s pieces you find cool parts that are rhythmically interesting and if you combine them with drum’n bass rhythms you create something completely new taht is expressive, powerful and creates an unique atmosphere. Basically, it’s a great fun being a drummer and guiding the rhythm of a whole orchestra …

Jenö Lörincz (Piano)

What is interesting about Vivaldi ist hat you have all oft he chords you need for pop music. We can expand or reduce the material that we are going to play eg. A solo or a minimal music part. Both variations are possible and that makes the outcome so unpredictable.

Some cuts from TM’s Vivaldi-Programm, played by Chien-Chin Kuo (Solo Violin) and a bunch of highly motivated professional and semi-professional musicians from all over Styria. For pics go here!

„2 Years“ written by Susana Sawoff and Wolfgang Radl, performed by TM feat. Lena Mentschel (vocals) and the MGYM orchestra. You may find the original version on the debut album „Spring Kisses Summer Rain„!

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