Recorder Various
Recorder Various is a musical concept based on contrasting continents, music styles, composers’ backgrounds and instruments. Taiwanese music manager Evy Kao and Austrian composer/bass player Wolfgang Radl masterminded this way of combining baroque and contemporary music, basso continuo and drum ‘n’ bass, being played solo in both the ancient tradition and modern jazz scales. It was Evy Kao who brought Wolfgang Radl’s band tuesday microgrooves to Taiwan to collaborate with Taiwanese recorder player Meng-Heng Chen and cellist Jiro Yeh. Together they created a unique mixture of the tuesday microgrooves sophisticated jazz style and Miss Chens’ enticing baroque sound. Once they returned to Austria, tuesday microgrooves decided to further develop the concept and looked for local support. In Austria, tuesday microgrooves is supported by the wonderful artists Lena Tschinderle on the recorder and Sigrid Narowetz on the cello. The Austrian version of “recorder various” currently focuses on the works of baroque composers, eg. Henry Purcell, G.F. Telemann and Antonio Vivaldi combining them with organic drum’n’bass music.

You’ll find  some live audio clips of our current work further on.

“La Notte” Suite is based on the famous recorder concert of the same name written by Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi. Bassist Wolfgang Radl arranged this piece as a three-part-suite, with altered metrum and while including jazz improvisation. “Recorder various” played it at their first concert in Austria …

“Conflicts and Contraries” is based on the “Concerto in G minor” by Georg Friedrich Telemann. This is a speedy ride between baroque virtuosity and dancefloor style!

“Sunsets” is a piece for cello and jazz trio, based on Antonio Vivaldi’s cello sonata RV 43. It is a mixture between baroque and romantic style, between drum ‘n’ bass and emotional cantilene …

„La Notte Part 01″ – here is their first studio demo recording:

For further impressions please visit our gallery (Austria and Taiwan) or to our video page (Taiwan)!


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