Studio Live Jams

Since 2016, TM is doing its annual live jam, together with Toniforum Graz hosted by Vincent Ederle. The concept is quite simple as challenging: the band and its moderator has 1 hour nonstop live recording, no cuts, no overdubs, no second take. Just the whole in one – which will be broadcasted by radio Helsinki in Graz and via livestream worldwide.

2016: The best of TM – so far …

You find the whole show here (in German)

2017: TM goes Aufnerden Podcast

TM spent a wonderful time at the Toniforum Graz and produced, together with the people from, a crosscast about scifi-music. Besides some very interesting facts the guys from Aufnerden were talking about, TM played tunes from Star Trek, Star Wars, Interstellar and Firefly. And – don’t forget the story about „Moon over Rigel 7“ …

You find the whole live show here! Some weeks after this event Aufnerden invited TM founder and nerd Wolfgang Radl for their own scifi-music episode (which included more over 2 hours of extra material and funny facts). You find the whole episode here (in German)!

And here are some impressions of that special day …


SciFi Studio Jam

2018: TBA

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