German TV: spatial sound

German TV brought an interesting report about the spatial sound project we are part of. Our arrangement of Vivaldis „Summer,

6. Dezember 2016
Spring Kisses for AM

Started in 2010, tm has deepened the cooperation with the wonderful team from atmosphere4k, the first 4K Ultra High Definition

13. November 2015
Tm feat. Georg Gratzer

One of the most remarkable cooperation was the work with Austrian musician Georg Gratzer on reeds and all kinds of

13. November 2015
Mercy Street

Beside of their original compositions, tm does „microgrooving“ some favourite and wellknown pop and rock-tunes. For Atmmosphere Media, they chose

13. November 2015
Wiener Filmmusikpreis

Tm delievered the piece „Wishful RMX“ as track for the „Wiener Filmmusikpreis“ (a competition for film music) and reached second

13. November 2015
Tm vs. Antonio Vivaldi

TM recorded a 50 minutes suite called “waterdrops” for atmosphere media that illustrates a crossover with classical music. You can

13. November 2015
Enjoy the Silence

Beside of their original compositions, tm does „microgrooving“ on some favourite and wellknown pop and rock-tunes. For Atmosphere Media, they

13. November 2015
Prelude for the trio

“Prelude” shows the core of TM, a trio which is drawn together together by friendship and music, developing music straight

13. November 2015
Recording Magazine DVD

For the German „Recording Magazine“ tm did a recording of Peter Gabriel’s „Mercy Street“, together with sound wizard Ulli Pallemanns.

13. November 2015
Backstage at Lang Academy

During a video session with Atmosphere Media and Ulli Pallemanns, bass player Wolfgang Radl did that one-shot (music: tm’s cover

13. November 2015
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